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Updated: Aug 1, 2022

Summer Newsletter.

1) What I'm up to ...

This summer I continue to see 20-25 clients per week at LUX. In addition, I have been volunteering for Break Method: The School for Sustainable Self Mastery and training for a half marathon called the Mendocino Running Festival.

Break Method is a 16 week online course I took back in 2017 that changed my life forever. Before completing Break I was feeling so stuck and overwhelmed in my personal life and career. After Break I was brave enough to start my own business (LUX) and the relationships I was struggling with have transformed and become 100x better. If you ever feel like talking more about Break I am always interested in chatting about my experience and why it might be helpful for you too. I also do 15 minute discovery calls for Break Method (here’s the link to schedule). My heart is centered on finding my path to inner peace and purpose, then helping others do the same.

The Mendocino Running Festival is the first half marathon I have signed up for since my daughter was born (14 years ago). I am finally ready to start creating a fitness goal and following through. I find telling others helps me with my own personal accountability (so thank you for being my accountability buddy). It will take place on September 10th in the redwood forest near the village of Mendocino.

2) Seasonal Skincare ...

Summer season is all about staying cool and being smart about your sun exposure. Staying cool is important for those prone to redness and hyperpigmentation because the heat will dilate the little capillaries on our face and chest causing broken blood vessels. Then, to top it off, those prone to hyperpigmentation will get more brown age spots that are difficult to remove with topical skincare. These issues often will require up to three $800 laser light treatments per year (in the Fall/Winter) at the dermatologist/plastic surgeons office. If this is something you are interested in I can give you recommendations in Santa Rosa and further south.

I know that you know you need to wear at least 30 SPF sunscreen and reapply every 2 hours when swimming or sweating. Shady spots, wide brimmed hats and umbrellas are your friends. Take care of your skin... Please 🙏. I always have EltaMD sunscreen on hand if you need to come pick some up just shoot me an email at

3) Updates related to services at LUX ...

HydraFacial $199. This is a facial to give you a glow. The machine and I take about 30 min to exfoliate, do a chemical peel and infuse moisturizing serums. It's not a "facial" like you would get from an esthetician with all the warm towels and massage. It's more like a gentle microdermabrasion with hydration to give you a little boost for an event or maybe to remove some dead skin gently so that your home skin care regimen will penetrate better. Ask me at your next wrinkle relaxer treatment for more information and if you want to add it to your next quarterly visit so we can block off more time.

Scheduling Information ...

Summer is a time I adjust my schedule to my daughter being out of school so my schedule becomes a little less flexible for last minute changes. It has been working well to have established clients rebook their next treatment before they leave the clinic. I find that once we get to know your individual response to the wrinkle relaxer we can decide together when we should bring you back for your next top up. Typically 3-6 months is a good window to keep up your results. (If you are under 35 then 6 or more months also works well.) Filler is typically dependent on the amount you already have in place and the area treated... 6-12 months and sometimes longer works well.

Online access to bookings is a weekly “work in progress” as last minute cancellations do occur. If you aren’t someone who is able to book 3-6 months ahead before you leave your clinic visit then you can go to the website anytime to see the latest openings. I open my few remaining spots online with the request that you commit a $100 deposit to block my schedule. This is because I am so small and I am promising to be there so I need you to do the same if we block the appointment for you.

Thank you and I hope your summer is wonderful!



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