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Wrinkle Relaxers: An Art and Science

Muscle relaxation with Botox and Dysport is definitely an art and a science. This anatomical facial muscle drawing with arrows showing the direction of contraction is a great way to educate clients when choosing which area of the face to inject Botox/Dysport. I recently did a correction of a client who went to a different provider and only asked that her forehead be treated. The provider only injected into the forehead muscle (frontalis) leaving the eyebrow depressors intact. Unfortunately, the client didn't like the way she looked when only her forehead relaxed and her expression looked strange. This is because if you forget to put at least a little in the brow, you'll get a heavy look with all of the depressor muscles pulling down. Sometimes discussing the reasons for treatment of different areas takes T I M E, but, it is so much better than the alternative.

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