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Environ Skin Care Offers: ​Freshest, Most Active Products in the World Skin care products lose their efficacy and freshness over time. How they are packaged, the ingredients used and the time from manufacturer to patient use, all play a role in determining the effectiveness of products. ​ Packaging Wide mouth jars, clear jars, that let in light and pumps that are not airless (a bottle within a bottle) all let light, air and bacteria into products which greatly diminishes their effectiveness. Environ only uses airless pumps and special tubes that do not allow light, air and any contamination to occur. All manufacturing is done in Environ's pharmaceutical facility under nitrogen blanket, red light conditions and in a gowned and sterile environment. Environ is proud to have this unique skin care manufacturing plant. Environ makes only their own products. Artificial Fragrances Artificial perfumes and fragrances introduce potential contamination and unhealthy skin reactions plus limit a product’s strength as combining different pH levels results in ingredients canceling each other out. Short Shelf Life / Product Expiration Dates Most skin care product manufacturers and formulators do not put expiration dates on products or instead create artificial three to five year shelf life time lines. Environ puts dates on both the outside packaging and the product itself. Why? Everyone should have the freshest, most effective product and ingredients in the world. You will receive fresh products and should start using them immediately and daily to receive the most efficacious results. The EXPIRATION DATE listed on the outer packaging and product is equivalent to a “sell by date” and products REMAINING UNOPENED UNTIL THAT DATE are as fresh for 12 weeks after that date. However, AT THAT DATE they should be used within 10-12 weeks. Environ’s short shelf life products are manufactured weekly. Having such fresh, highly effective products ensures the best possible results.

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